We decided to close L2 Rarity due to extremely small online!

As explained before since one year we are working on new project - but it goes rly slowly - so we made season server low-mid like. This server wasn't very special - but next one will be as special as the Classic L2 Majesty.

That's really sad players prefer scam server but nothing we can do about that... ;p

Best regards,
Your administration.

PS. While waiting for our new server you can try gamecoast.net - they have most recent and 100% working Classic and GoD (newest Prelude of War). Rates are low, but they never wipe. Really never. Don't support scam donate servers, they always cheat. You can also try Lineage 2 Essence - new official server with easier farm than Classic/GoD. All new Lineage 2 versions contain small bot.
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